How Much Does It Cost To Be Buried In A Cemetery?

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Generally, the following items are included in the cost of a cemetery burial:

  • “Right of interment,” also known as “interment rights.” This is the purchase of the burial plot or mausoleum space. Owning interment rights to a place means that you have the right to be buried in that place or to designate the burial of someone else in that place.
  • Opening and closing. This includes the digging and filling the grave, and may include securing necessary permits, maintaining legal files, keeping records, the use of a casket-lowering device, and other items or services.
  • Burial vaults or grave liners. In the case of ground burial, many cemeteries require either an outer burial container—either a burial vault or grave liner—to protect the earth around the casket.
  • “Perpetual care” or “endowment care.” This one-time maintenance fee, often 5% to 15% of the plot price, may be legally required by the state for re-investment in a state-mandated cemetery maintenance fund. This fee generally does not pay for the maintenance of headstones or other gravesite memorials.
  • Headstone installation fee. Even if you purchase a headstone or grave marker from the cemetery, they may charge you a fee for installing the marker on the grave.

The prices for cemetery burial generally break down into the following items and price ranges:

Item Price Range

Plot $1500-$2500
Mausoleum crypt $4500-$8500
Endowment care $150-$250
Burial vault or grave liner $500-$2500
Opening and closing $1000-$1500
Headstone or grave marker $500-$4000
Installation of headstone or grave marker $450-$850
TOTAL (for plot burial) $4100-$11,600